General Contractor

Residential and Commercial Construction

“If You Can Dream It, MP Can Build It!”

MP Excavation, LLC provides general contracting and professional home construction services. They handle all types of construction, from new home building, framing, painting siding, fencing…and all forms of landscaping to ‘in-the-home services’ like finish carpentry, electrical, and plumbing.

Providing the area’s premium contractor services means that MP only uses the most reliable and professional resources, including their experienced in-house staff, subcontractors, and suppliers to get the job done, done right, and done on time.  Additionally, they employ the latest construction technologies to ensure the quality of each project. 

Modular Home Construction


MP takes pride in being the certified professional concrete contractor who can help you with all of  your concrete service needs. Their experienced and well-trained team can assure that your expectations are met and that quality service is rendered. Poured foundations include insulated concrete forms, slabs, radiant heat, traditional poured forms, aprons, sidewalks, stamped concrete and mobile home pads.  MP also builds retaining and sea walls, stairs, walkways, driveways and patios.

Cellars, Crawlspace, Cellar Holes and Foundations

The foundation you choose for your new home boils down to personal preference and budget. Which foundation gets you the home you want at a price that makes sense? MP specializes in digging all forms of cellar holes whether it be for a house, garage or addition…working closely with your architect to offer solutions and any improvements deemed necessary.

House Raising

House raising or house lifting is the process of separating a building from its foundation and temporarily raising it with hydraulic screw jacks. House raising may be a part of a renovation to build a foundation under an existing house or make a house larger by building a new floor level creating a two-story house.  It may also be the first step in structure relocation where the building is moved to a different location. MP has provided this service for over a decade and always with seamless and flawless results.

Mud Jacking

Also known as slabjacking or simply concrete raising, mud jacking is a cost effective and efficient way to repair sunken concrete slabs. When compared to the demolition, removal, and replacement of existing concrete slabs, mud jacking is fast and easier on your pocketbook. Depending on the scale of the job, concrete stabilization can be completed in a matter of hours with zero harm to the surrounding area.

When feasible, MP utilizes this technique as it’s the perfect option for repairing sunken sidewalks, driveways, and warehouse floors when replacing the slab would be impractical.

Retaining Walls & Sea Walls

Do you have erosion concerns for your beach front home? If so, give us a call! We are professional, experienced…and can help!  Over the years, MP has poured more walls than you can count while also being called on to fix both minor and major repairs.

Concrete Leveling Services

Concrete leveling services can go by many names. Concrete repair, concrete lifting, poly-jacking, poly leveling, mudjacking, sinking concrete repair, concrete slab repair etc. But whatever you call it, MP has you covered.

Uneven concrete can affect the value of your property. It not only looks bad, but can be dangerous for your family and visitors. Unfortunately, it is also a common occurrence. After a foundation is laid, the soil beneath the surface of the concrete foundation can settle or expand. The outcome is typically noticeable in the form of voids — sinking or cracked sidewalks, walkways, or driveways.

The good news is you may not have to replace your concrete as MP can lift and level it using professional concrete leveling & poly-jacking techniques. It is a cost-efficient alternative to doing a demolition and disposal of the surface and then having to recreate it.

Foundation Repair

Have you noticed cracks in your foundation walls? Are you concerned that the structure of your home isn’t sound? Do posts in your basement lean or bend? If so, your foundation may need immediate attention. While some cracks are harmless, and some posts lean and stop, these are oftentimes an indicator of bigger problems making it time for a foundation repair. Or at least for someone with expertise to inspect the situation and offer you solutions.

Foundation problems only get worse over time. The longer you wait, the more likely that it will progress to other parts of the house. Investing time in your foundation now can save you money later. 

MP offers free inspections to give you peace of mind. Correctly diagnosing the issue will ultimately save you time and money.  Their services include foundation stabilization, crack repair, and the installation of various foundation repair products.

Modular Homes Construction and Assembly

Modular or prefab homes must be assembled and positioned on a foundation. And with a two story home, the second story must be placed upon the first. This step is critical to the long-term stability of the home and must take into account the national and state building requirements.

MP’s understands this process which begins with getting positioned, installing outrigger pads, installing counter-weights, and then installing spreader bars and cables. 

A typical modular home can be installed in a day, while more complex homes may take two, three, or even more to complete.

New Home and Garage Construction

One of MP’s most sought after services is as a custom home builder that provides the guidance and expertise to turn your dream into a beautiful reality.  More than just a builder, they are craftsmen who combine a vast knowledge of construction and home detailing to create a partnership of architectural beauty and practical living. Years of experience means they will see you through from start to finish, paying close attention to your needs, wants, and budget.

Stamped and Decorative Concrete

MP Excavation provides top notch stamped and decorative concrete contracting solutions. Stamped Concrete refers to creating a concrete mold or stamp, and driving the design into the concrete before it sets to dry. What’s left behind is the “impression” that concrete blocks, or in some cases designs were imprinted into the concrete itself before the blocks were arranged.

Using only state-of-the-art techniques allows MP to create patios, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, walkways, steps, etc. and to overlay existing concrete that is in good condition. They have many different stamp patterns and a variety of colors available to meet any design requirement.